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Wix, is it for everyone?

So bare with me, this is the first blog post I have written. I feel as I finish creating my website on Wix that it would be worth the effort if I went over my experience with the website.

Overall I think that it is a great site to create a website on. It is responsive, mobile friendly, as well as the ease of use is out of this world. I have played around on other website creating sites before. Emphasis on 'played around' because usually I do not get past creating my home page!

The difference I found with Wix is the ease of use is fantastic! It is open and responsive enough to have thought of everything you may need to do when creating a website. Now for me this is fantastic, because there is nothing I have more then jumping through hoops that should not of been there in the first place. On the other hand, the fact that it is so easy to use can be a draw back.

Red headphones on colorful mouse pad

My first day trying to figure out Wix left me with nothing but headaches and regret. there was just to much to do in order to finish a site and it was overwhelming! do i start on the home page? or should i start with pictures? or...or...or... you get my point. A lot of options. Now if you don't have the dedication to figure out what you want your site to look like through trial and error and you want something simple and quick Wix is not the choice for you. Go to Google and just get a basic template site that all you have to do is plug in your information. But if you are willing to jump through the couple initial hoops to learn how to maneuver in Wix then you won't regret it!

Overall I managed to get my site up within 3-5 days. Now I will be constantly editing it and tweaking

it until i'm satisfy, which being a perfectionist, might not ever happen.

Feel free to leave me some feedback about your experience with Wix!

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